1. My mother birthed me at the age of 28. That is, she, not I, was 28 years old at the time of my birth.
2. I’m 5feet and 4inches tall – my mum is 5’3” and my dad is a 6’2” ex-national-level-pole-vaulter. Guess I got robbed of the tall genes eh?
3. I was born in India and lived there till I was 13 years old
4. I am the elder of two kids
5. My younger brother is 5 years and 10 months my junior
6. I’ve been allowed to drink (alcohol that is) since I can remember
7. I first got drunk at the age of 18
8. I’m a beer drinker
9. The first music recording I purchased with my own money was Guns and Roses’ November Rain single
10. It was a tape
11. I was 7
12. I have 6 aunts and 7 uncles
13. I still have a tape player in my car
14. When I was 10 I was in a bike race and fell and broke my left arm and dislocated the wrist
15. It still throbs when it rains
16. I read anything and everything.
17. I love the classics
18. My first tattoo was acquired at the age of 18…a week shy of my 19th birthday
19. I got it to celebrate a part of my body that I’d grown to hate
20. The first and last time I donated blood was at the age of 17
21. I broke out in chicken pox the next day
22. My father has worked on oil rigs for the last 28 years – since he was my age
23. I LOVE old country music
24. When I was 12 I tripped over a bench in the dark and broke my nose
25. I had one visit with a psychiatrist
26. He labelled me as distant and withdrawn due to lack of intellectual stimuli in my immediate environment
27. I was transferred to a private school the next year
28. I hated it
29. I’ve never cried while watching a movie
30. I have two left feet
31. At the age of 15 I cut my waist length hair to within an inch of my scalp because it was too hot and the black hair was too heavy
32. I took piano lessons for 14 years
33. I dislike sitting in one place for any longer than an hour
34. I ran away from my kindergarten class once
35. The police found me playing on the jungle gym in a park behind the school
36. I wear a size 7.5 shoe
37. I never grew armpit hair
38. I despise yellow gold – sad as it sounds I think it looks cheap
39. I much rather silver or white gold
40. I hate the sound of my voice in recordings
41. I talk in my sleep
42. When going through extremely perplexing situations in life, I have sleep “episodes” whereby I – in my sleep – wake up the remaining members of my family and tell them of an imaginary conspiracy that we must overcome with our cunning
43. I've smoked pot once…It was laced with acid…Unbeknownst to me…BAD trip…I'm my own anti-drug commercial
44. I love pineapple on my pizza
45. I love seafood
46. I love the shoreline – I always want to live in close proximity with water
47. Good music feeds my soul
48. I like big men
49. I am working toward a double major degree in Psychology and Crime & Deviance with a minor in Religion.
50. I hope to one day work within the criminal system
51. I love old fashioned letters…I write to most of my long distance friends by hand
52. I think handwriting is a lost art – I practice it once a week!
53. I have 11 first cousins and countless second cousins
54. My soul is in the southern United States
55. I’ve never been there
56. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug
57. I adore dogs
58. I will one day own a big one
59. I hate cats
60. I think they’re needy and selfish
61. I want a whole posse of children – preferably four
62. I like making gift for my friends
63. There isn’t anything like the look on the face of a loved one when they get just the perfect gift
64. My sun sign is Scorpio
65. My moon sign is Cancer
66. My perfect mates are Pisces and Cancers…and I’ve been told Tauruses.
67. I don’t like pizza
68. I don’t drink much of either but I prefer the taste of Coke over Pepsi
69. I think there is a difference
70. I love star gazing
71. I believe there is life out there
72. I wonder if our children will find anything of value in our music like we do in our parents’
73. I’m a fan of men in boxer-briefs – the perfect marriage between the boxer and the brief
74. I hate, more than anything, being called Rose or Rosie (the latter being the worst)
75. My name is only two syllables long
76. When travelling to Spanish-speaking places, I’m often confused for a native of that country because of my last name
77. I am often yelled at by other natives for not knowing my native tongue
78. Without glasses/ contact lenses, I can’t see ten inches past my nose
79. My god mothers name is Alexandrina
80. I have family on every continent, save for Antarctica, in the world
81. I love to knit
82. I’m not very good at it
83. My full name is twenty six letters long
84. I love climbing a good tree – there’s nothing like a view from the top
85. My knees were skinned so many times as a child that I have permanent bruises there now that make them look darker than the rest of my body
86. I think laugh lines or ‘wrinkles’ are lines of wisdom – a rite of passage indicating a life well lived
87. I can’t wait to get mine
88. My baby toes have hardly any nail
89. I took tennis lessons for four years
90. When I was sixteen I re-broke my nose playing soccer
91. I learned to use a shot gun at the age of 8
92. I’ve had two pet squirrels
93. My favourite colour is black
94. I don’t think I can carry a tune in a bucket
95. Stick figures start running when I start drawing
96. I love speaking in public
97. I didn’t think I had a sense of humour till I was fifteen
98. My favourite song is “Me and Bobby McGee” – the Kris Kristofferson version
99. I love hammocks
100. My middle name is Marie


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