{April 21, 2006}   Hello World

I want this blog to be unlike what I’ve written in the past – anonymous…but truthful.

I find that I often embellish in order to portray what I feel the reader may want me to be. Or want to hear of me. Or to seem “cooler” or “hotter” or “savvier”.
I’m learning quickly though, that there’s no such thing.
I’m ready to be honest with myself.
But for now, I need to hide behind my cloak of anonymity, in order to do that…In order to feel safe.

If you are here, you have found me by chance…not because I have come seeking you out.
I will invite no one here for this is to be my secret spot.
The spot where I can be naked and glorious and free to cry and share and be me without the watchful eyes of the eternally judging.
So, welcome…
To my life…
To my truth…
To me.


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