Good looking (aren't looks relative anyway?) girl of upstanding (most of the time) moral fibre (ooooh Metamucil).
Loves long walks on the beach, horseback (bareback?) riding, and knitting.
Pathologically prone to lying.
Also prone to spurts of bowling, karaoke, and drunken debauchery.
Can only put pants on one leg at a time.
Founder of the now immortalized institution of UFF (Underwear Free Fridays).
Can sing, but only in the shower.
Loves late night Chinese food, goats, and tales of the invisible man.
Attracted to anything with a rhythm.
Only listens to good music.
Only watches great movies.
Partial to summer rain, winter sun, and shoe laces.
Can touch tip of nose with tongue and can build bridge with body.
As well, is able to put feet behind head, and big toes in mouth
(not at same time however)(not a freaking circus act for crying out loud!).
May in fact be borderline with a dash of schizophrenia thrown in just for fun.


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